Texas Election Clippings

’tis the season.

Here are some clippings relating to elections past.

James Buck of Dallas patented a recording ballot box in 1880. Its purpose was to tally votes instantly and prevent shenanigans. 

James K. Polk was a friend of Texas in 1844.

Henry Clay was not.

In front of the Anderson County courthouse in 1866 we see former slaves casting their ballots for the first time.

Pappy wins in a landslide.

In case you were wondering. 

Cactus Jack Garner congratulates Sam Rayburn on becoming House Majority Leader.

Texas liked Ike.

Jas. Thomas was proposing something like the United Nations in 1888. He was also anti-saloon.

The Johnson people seem to have been having some difficulty with the Spanish lingo.

Stephen F. Austin was a candidate for president of the newborn Republic of Texas in 1836. He came in third. Sam Houston won with 77% of the vote. He was also in favor of annexation.