Texas History Report Card – San Jacinto Day Edition

Texans celebrated San Jacinto Day last week.

Well… some of us did.

This is the first installment of our Texas History Report Card, where we will periodically examine how Texas leaders and institutions are performing in the Texas history arena.

This three-minute video will let you know how THC, TSLAC, TSHA, the Bullock State History Museum and others commemorated San Jacinto Day.

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  1. I celebrate San Jacinto Day each year. Sometimes by going out to the monument or the battle reenactment or just by placing a Texas flag out on my front porch. This year I made a table arrangement for my art club luncheon. It saddens me that our younger generation isn’t aware of our Texas history and how our great state came to be. My mother (born in Mississippi) embraced our state history when she moved to Texas and instilled our pride and love of Texas. She was a member of the DRT and a descendent of Moses McLeod Little who fought for our independence. I am proud to be a Texan!