Hell & Texas

This week’s clippings are inspired by a famous quote.

Here it is. From the lips of General Phillip Sheridan as it appeared in the Washington DC Evening Star of March 31, 1866. 

Seventeen years later, Texans sill couldn’t let it go. This is from Sweet & Knox’s On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas (1883)

Also from 1883. The editors in Hillsboro were less forgiving.

But Texans are a fair minded people. They let General Sheridan explain himself. I had to look up the tiger reference. Apparently crowds used to roar at speakers.

This poetic work is from the 1906 University of Texas yearbook. Where did General Sheridan say he had just come from?

Audie Murphy knew what hell was. He lived it, then starred in the movie. Photo from the world premiere at San Antonio in 1958.

Let’s move on to another famous quote about hell and Texas. It begins with this event of September, 1835.

Col. Crockett said to his former constituents: 

“I would rather be beaten, and be a man, than to be elected and be a little puppy dog…Since you have chosen to elect a man with a timber toe to succeed me, you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”

December of 1835. David (he preferred to be called David) Crockett kept his word and left Tennessee for Texas. Isn’t this wording prophetic?

Here’s the quote as Crockett gave it to the people of Nacogdoches in January of 1836.

A few days after the Nacogdoches event, he wrote to his children back in Tennessee. 

From that same letter. He was among his friends to the end.