Reward Offered

Reward ads have been a newspaper staple for as long as there have been newspapers. Let’s take a look at some of the rewards offered in Texas papers.

1835 – Captain Thomas M. Thompson (here referred to as T) of the Mexican Navy was blockading Galveston Bay, and he had it in for William Barret Travis.

1837 –  Sailor Boy Bill grows up to be Horse Thief William.

Also 1837 – Col. Travis’ slave Joe makes his escape.

1838 – the Sheriff of Montgomery County is after counterfeiters.

1840 – Andrew Briscoe places a fugitive slave ad that raises some questions.

1848 – this is why you don’t go to tea in Matamoros.

1866 – “Birds” fly the coop with the sheriff’s guns in Anderson.

1870 – Dallas County – two thieves, a horse, a mule, and a gold watch.

1880 – bark vandals.

1913 – Coleman County – a liberal reward is offered for strayed Boog-Scott ranch hog.