Doubling Down on Texas History       

We’ve seen lofty “values” statements from everyone in the past year… from the people who make our deodorant to the folks who build our trucks. I figure it’s about time we made a statement of our own.

2020 left us all exhausted and scratching our heads. 2021 has blown in on a chaotic wind. There are more questions than answers at this point.

What’s next?
What in the hell is going on?
Where do we go from here?

I have an answer – Texas will lead. (I didn’t say it was a new idea, but it’s an idea that works.)

Texans know the difference between good guys and bad guys. We see the flaws in the good guys and what’s redeeming in the bad guys…and we value both for what they teach us.

We know our kids need heroes so they can become the heroes of the future. Texans understand freedom in a special way. We know that culture is downstream of history, and that if real history is erased, our culture and freedom go with it.

Texans won’t let that happen here. Our foundations are strong, so our house will stand during these dark times. We will stay true to our understanding of the lessons of our history. We will remember where our values come from. We will remain steadfast in those values and be the bellwether we’ve always been. Texas has always stood apart and led. We’re kind of known for it.

The “history” vomited out by our universities and the New York Times is about to be unreined. Compelled. Weaponized and aimed directly especially at us because we don’t pretend to buy into their dishonest, unreadable trash.

Make no mistake, the erasers of history are already here. Our historical organizations and history departments are led by fellow travelers of the dolts who invented the 1619 Project.

Here’s part of the Texas State Historical Association’s fundraising message from December.


“Accurate” and “inclusive”… you know what those buzzwords mean in our time. They’re the words of those who erase traditional history. They’re the words of people who don’t want us to have heroes…. only victims and oppressors.

A list of the lectures given at any recent TSHA convention will show you how putrid things have become.

Victimology has replaced history at the Texas State Historical Association and they’re not hiding their agenda any longer.

University presses will not publish the history Texans need or want to read anymore. But we can and we will.

So we’re doubling down on Texas history. We’re adding more historical voices to our chorus. We’re producing more books than ever in the coming months.

I’ve scoured bibliographies and old book catalogs, finding Texas stories that need a comeback, now more than ever.

Civil War accounts, ranchman stories, pioneer diaries, Texas Ranger biographies, stories of the Republic, even some Dobie.

Most importantly, we’re bringing back Texas Heroes…a children’s book from a century ago that presents our history to little ones in the frank, plain language we all used to speak.

We will produce more free content than ever, introducing you to new Texas faces and places. We will talk to state and national legislators about what’s being taught in our classrooms and we’ll ask hard questions of any elected official courageous enough to talk to us. As soon as we can find a hosting platform that respects freedom of speech, a podcast will be in the works.

For 14 years, we’ve had the honor to be a part of your lives…in your inbox, on your bookshelves, on your walls. Without you, we’d be history nerds with big ideas, but a small voice.

With our extended Texas history family at our backs, though, we are a great force to be reckoned with.

These are wicked times. Together, we will be the voice that matters… the voice of Texas and her values. Our house will stay in order and Texas will lead.

God &Texas,

Michelle Haas, Copano Bay Press