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In my recent video series, I showed you just a fraction of what’s rotten in the Texas State Historical Association and our state universities. It’s warped history that’s eroding Texas from the inside out.

The question I’ve heard most from y’all is “What can I do?”

Here is my short answer:

1) Don’t support an organization that doesn’t share your values. If you have a TSHA membership, cancel it. Let them know you can’t support them so long as they churn out corrosive history and have a Chief Historian who thinks the Alamo had a flat roof (or any roof) in 1836. Anyone that disconnected from basic Texas history has no business being the editor of a publication called The Handbook of Texas.

2) If you have a friend or colleague who sits on the board of a philanthropic foundation (Summerlee, Moody, Bryan, Rachal, Brown, Perot, Richardson, Amon Carter etc), make them aware of what they’re supporting. There are many good, well-meaning people on these boards who have no idea what TSHA has become. If you hadn’t seen these videos, would you have known?

3) Support an organization that does share your values. There IS such a place in Texas! It’s still young and we can help to shape it & grow it. If you care what your kids or grandkids will be taught about our history, you should care about The Texas Center.

The Texas Center

Schreiner University – an independent private school in Kerrville – began The Texas Center in 2020.

So, what’s The Texas Center & why should you care?

  • The Texas Center is dedicated to telling the Texas story in a way that is TRULY inclusive – our history binds us all together in a crazy quilt of culture, so should our history be told in a way that weaves all of the stories together to show how we got here. No more putting groups of people in separate silos.
  • The Texas Center is crafting a fair-minded Texas history curriculum (kindergarten to college), which will be available for free to teachers. Dr. Bruce Winders, veteran Alamo historian/curator, is working diligently to complete this task.
  • The Texas Center produces awesome video content to accompany the curriculum guide. History doesn’t have to be boring to kids (or adults,) and The Texas Center proves they know how to do it right.
  • The Texas Center is home to State House Press, ensuring good works of history that big universities presses snub their noses at will see the light of day.
  • The Texas Center is led by Dr. Donald Frazier, an outstanding historian and author. I’ve sat with him & asked some hard questions. (He’s not afraid of those.) He’s enthusiastic about Texas – her past & her future. I trust Dr. Frazier to make this place a hub where future generations of Texans can turn for honest history.

The Texas Center isn’t flush with big endowments to support its goals. Yet. Copano Bay Press is committed to remedying that.

Whether you can donate $10 or $10k, you’ll be a Texas history hero to me and to future Texans (and snag yourself a tax deduction!)

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God & Texas
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