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    • The best way, right now, Mr. D., is to forward our email (the one with the link in it) to anyone you know who may care. Feel free to post the link to Facebook if you’re on there. We’re working on getting folks with a bigger platform involved. As for getting rid of Buenger (and his type), we’re finishing up a solid plan to accomplish that. Standby for details.

  1. I was born at Herman Hospital or Heights Hospital ( mom told me, 83 years ago ) and I have been telling all who would listen that Academia turned the course of history in the Last century. Education has produced a population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading, and worse now being told WHAT we can read and say, and Think. The charade being carried on in the Senate today is a glaring example of “How to Distort the Truth.” Is this a case of Morons Electing Morons to represent them OR defining what the definition of is “IS”? America is suffering from a severe case of TRICKLE DOWN Indoctrination. Khrushchev told us in the 50’s that America would NEVER accept communism but would accept the loss of one Freedom at a time until one day we would awaken a Socialist State. The PROBLEM is three or four generations now willing to erase our Bill of Rights because they have been ‘Educated” to believe America is BAD and the Elite Intellectuals have the solution. When anyone has NEVER seen, lived or worked in a Socialist or Communist State they have NO Reference point EXCEPT a BOOK. Remove Religion, Control Academia, Control the media, rewrite history and then when you remove the means of self defense – Articles one and two of our Bill of Rights are history and you will see what 2020 has brought America to the brink of!
    If the education of our kid’s came from the media – and Not History – Then we will accelerate an Illiterate, uneducated and Indoctrinated society! Because the media has now applied their version of the Golden Rule! We Have the Gold and we will Make the RULES!
    Once again History tells us most Republics only last a few hundred years! Are we Finished?

  2. Michelle, this was not only well done, but like Episode 1 it needs to be done. I’m wondering who else is upset with the leadership of TSHA and the effect of “social history” on Texas history.

    White men on horses…well, a substantial element of Houston’s mounted troops at San Jacinto were Juan Seguin’s company of cavalry.

  3. Thank you Michelle! As a native-born Texan whose families arrived here in the 1880s, I stand with you in defending the history of Texas as written by people who had access to information from first hand players and facts that had no political nor racist intent whatsoever. Those contexts are of recent origin and are promoted by people whose ideology is to rewrite the history of this state to conform to their own beliefs and political agendas. The spirits of those early Texas patriots urge us to do whatever is necessary to stop this undoing of the valuable heritage they bought with their own blood. God and Texas forever!

  4. I am a history major and attorney. I guess Baylor did a better job teaching me Texas History than UT would have. Thank you for the video. Let me know how I can help. I have never been racist nor am I a white supremacist and I tired of hearing those terms aside slapdash to anything a liberal dislikes. I have to ask why this guy is even studying and teaching Texas History if he has such disdain for it. Perhaps people should withhold donations till be is exorcised from the organization. Every state, group, or person has their own history. As Texans we should not allow our state to be further radicalized.

    • Speaking of Baylor, Paige….Now some Baylor students are attempting to get the statue of Baylor removed from campus for the usual reasons. We are following the story.
      As far as TSHA goes, Withholding donations and getting major donors to do the same is what my plan of action will be. Glad to have you on our side!

  5. Mr. Buenger has a RIGHT to his research and ideas, just as YOU do. At least we don’t want to learn Alamo history by the way of lies, legends and fables…these, we don’t need. Yet, so-called historians always used these falsehoods for their so-called historical works!

    • Try listening more closely. I never said he didn’t have a right to his research, Roger. And I never claimed anyone was stifling mine. I also didn’t/don’t advocate for “lies, legends and fables.” There is no balance in TSHA or in our institutions of higher learning. There is no exchange of ideas…only the scripted narrative controlled by a handful of men. That’s the issue here and its plainly stated. I say what I mean and mean what I say. How’s the weather in Indiana?